Imagine being curled up in your favourite chair, a steaming cup of tea and slice of cake to hand while you immerse yourself in a new book, only to find yourself stuck at your desk of a Tuesday afternoon. At least the cake-book combo was good while it lasted!

Global Lingo London decided to try and cheer their fellow office-dwellers with, quite literally, a slice of this fantasy last month. In aid of the National Literacy Trust, Team London raised over £160 with their Book and Bake Sale.

From chocolate cake to scooter manuals, flapjacks to crime thrillers, the team ransacked their personal bookshelves to donate their well loved books. As for baking, kitchens were a flurry of activity as the team also contributed homemade baked goods to the cause.

While it goes without saying that the cake proved a little more popular than the books, it was also an excellent way to help advertise the amazing work done by the National Literacy Trust. Promoting literacy across the UK, the National Literacy Trust runs a range of programmes to encourage reading and highlight the importance of literacy in contemporary life. Whether through working in schools and prisons to encourage reading, or by exciting interest in books through new and interesting initiatives, the National Literacy Trust is the foremost charity for promoting literacy within the UK.

As a group of people with a passion for the English language, and who use it daily in their work, Global Lingo London chose the National Literacy Trust as their partner charity for 2014. Next the team shall be completing the 25K Thames Path Challenge with an aim of raising a further £1,000 for the charity. So watch this space for training updates and if you would like to support their endeavours please go to our JustGiving page to donate.