After the success of the last Book and Bake Sale, Global Lingo London has conducted round two this Monday – only this time, they did it in style. Halloween style! So the London crew put on their costumes, and what better way to express friendship, team work and the ability to do it all (work, eat, read, sell – in no particular order) than The Wizard of Oz?

Book and Bake Sale – Halloween style | costumes

From left to right: Rachel/Dorothy Gale, proud wearer of the ruby slippers; Paul/the Tin Man, in desperate need of a heart, or coffee; Julie/the Wicked Witch of the West, who was probably wicked because her broom was too small; Dominic/the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, always aware that an apple a day keeps the doctor away; Sam/Glinda, the Good Witch of the North and the only one allowed to play with a wand, and Luke/the Cowardly Lion, discovering that he is brave enough to appear in this picture.

The festivities lasted almost the entire day, and everyone involved took turns managing the table of books and baked goodies:

Book and Bake Sale – Halloween style | goodies table

During this event, the professional activity was barely affected. In fact, the entire office’s productivity has been higher than usual; the fabulous headwear might have had something to do with this ;)

Fabulous head-ware productivity

Well, that was fun!

London’s second Book & Bake Sale on behalf of the National Literacy Trust was a success. The total donations have not been counted yet, as the leftovers have been left out communally, with an honesty box for donations, in the hopes that hungry office workers will continue to eat cake and donate. An update on the total raised will be announced once the final figures are in.

As a group of people with a passion for the English language, and who use it daily in their work, Global Lingo London chose the National Literacy Trust as their partner charity for 2014 and have taken part in a range of events throughout the year to raise money for this wonderful cause.

Also, Global Lingo London want to thank their friends and families, many of whom spent countless hours baking delicious treats or clearing out their overflowing bookshelves to provide for the event. If you would like to help support the team in the fundraising endeavors please feel free to donate at their JustGiving page.

Stay tuned for the next challenge!