Since Global Lingo opened its doors, we’ve concentrated hard on bringing our clients the best possible Transcription, Summaries, Translation and Interpreting services. And we’re now proud to say that we can offer Audio-visual services too.

Audio-Visual services dovetail nicely with our existing languages service as a lot of our interpreting and transcription projects take place at conferences, speeches and press conferences. So now we can help you with the whole package when you’re holding an event.

We can do everything you need for your event:

  • Courtroom and Tribunal AV Equipment
  • High Definition Video Conferencing
  • Audio and Video Conversion and Manipulation
  • Digital Audio Recording (DAR)
  • Press and Conferencing Equipment
  • Infra-red Language Distribution
  • Interpreters’ Booths
  • Wired Language Distribution
  • Conference Microphone Systems
  • Wireless Conference Microphone Systems
  • A full range of other audio-visual facilities including PA systems, plasma screens and data projection

To find out how we can help you with Audio-Visual as well as our other services call +44(0)20 7870 7100 or email [email protected].