Recently Andrew Trotter, Managing Director of Global Lingo was interviewed for the HSBC Business Matters newsletter. He gave his thoughts on ‘The Art of Growing a Business’ here’s a short extract from the interview.

“I founded the business in 2006, because I felt no one was delivering fast, reliable and accurate transcription and translation services, as well as great customer service, at a reasonable price. Our customer base quickly grew to include BT, Goldman Sachs, HSBC and Honda and we opened our Mayfair offices in 2007.

“Last year we achieved very high business growth, so we opened an office in Leeds. We needed more people in the UK, but setting up an office and staffing it in Yorkshire is much more cost-effective than taking on more space and staff in London.

Opening up overseas

“In 2010, we also opened a South East Asia regional office in Singapore, which gives us a great stepping-stone into China – a market we really want to tap into – as well as making us better placed to service our legal and financial clients based there. Being a business that operates solely in the UK is riskier, another reason why we opened our Singapore office.