Written by Dorin Gherman.

The topic of energy is one of the most important ones in this day and age. Our world depends on energy, and for the most part has relied on fossil fuels. With the rise of energy needs, a sustainable source needs to be implemented. That is where renewable energy comes into play.

No matter if you are currently active in the renewable energy industry, or you are simply looking to be informed about it, All-Energy in the United Kingdom is the place to be in May.

All-Energy is a free-to-attend event that showcases the newest sustainable and renewable energy technologies. It brings together over 7,000 industry professionals from over 48 nations under one roof.

The event covers all the stages in the renewable energy industry, from chain of supplies to technology and processes. Here are just a few sector trails you will find at this huge event:

  • Bioenergy;
  • Renewable Heat;
  • Offshore Wind;
  • Solar Energy;
  • Low Carbon Transport;
  • Investments;
  • Jobs;
  • Professional Services;
  • And many more…

You can find videos of the event here.

Global Lingo at All-Energy 2015

We will be present at this event in order to connect with people in the industry and offer our support for any language requirements. The energy industry requires a lot of language support, be it translation, transcription or minute-taking, because it usually expands over several countries and even continents.

Our very own Romain Chapman will roam the floors during the event. If you would like to talk to him to exchange ideas or learn more about how our language services can support this industry, don’t hesitate to email him at Romain.Chapman[at]global-lingo.com.

The event will be held in Glasgow and will run from 08.30 on 6th May to 17.00 on 7th May.