eLearning is becoming a worldwide trend. A lot of people, be it adults or youngsters, turn to electronic learning because it is more accessible and convenient than traditional teaching methods. Since it is a lot easier to find information on the internet, most people tend to use that now. Today we learn more outside of school than we do in it.

In the past, the problem with eLearning was having some proof of your achievement. There had been no way of sharing your qualification with other educational facilities or future employers. That has now changed.

Mozilla has created the Open Badges project. Badges are online representations of skills you have earned. These badges are stored in your profile and can be shared where ever you see fit.

eLearning Translation

The main benefit of eLearning is that anyone can use it anywhere and any time. People are able to learn at their own pace about anything they want. By using Open Badges, people are now able to access specialised websites which teach people and then reward them with badges that can be used as proof of their acquired knowledge. These badges are custom-made for each institution, and they also hold important information like who issued them, for what purpose, and to whom.

Once you have acquired the badges you need/want, you can share them on social media and use them to make a comprehensive resume for yourself. Old resumes are good, but they cannot cover all of your skills. The badges you earn are then stored in a personal backpack.


As more and more institutions start to release their own badges, the only problem will be with languages. Although we can connect to anyone in any corner of the planet, language barriers still hinder our communication. Hopefully, institutions that issue badges will also use eLearning translation services to make their content available in other languages so that more people around the world can take an interest in the badges they offer.