Jack Choppin joined us for a week work shadowing in the Global Lingo marketing department. Here’s what he made of us.

Jack Choppin

I first spoke to Richard Michie, Director of Marketing and Operations at Global Lingo, at a marketing presentation and Q&A session at the University of Leeds.

After asking about where in Leeds he would recommend looking for work shadowing, he kindly offered to allow me to do a week at Global Lingo.

In the Beginning…

Having borrowed my Dad’s tie for the occasion, I turned up feeling slightly overdressed, but soon got settled into the office, and started the tasks I had been set.

Richard had laid out a list of tasks for me, so I had plenty to get stuck into rather than just plodding around annoying people, which is all too common gauging from what my friends tell me of their work-shadowing experiences.

On the first day many of the tasks were orientated around social media, an ever-growing player in the marketing and PR scene. I felt slightly ignorant of the whole process, and after getting more involved with Twitter and LinkedIn it became obvious to me that these would be vital tools if I was going to avoid returning back to the parents, jobless and skint, after graduation.

Getting Involved…

Another of my tasks was to perform market research on Global Lingo’s competitors, looking into the marketing practices of the people who were competing within the same market as Global Lingo, but with varying approaches. The research I performed on the first day uncovered some very interesting ideas and I began to gain a better understanding of marketing practices and how they vary between not just companies, but also the markets they target. Companies have very different beliefs, ideals and practices, and these can make or break their popularity and success.

I also got to try my hand at a bit of light Quality Assurance, immersing me further into Global Lingo’s processes and environment. All in all, an interesting start to my week at Global Lingo. Companies such as Global Lingo that are willing to offer students like me an opportunity to see how they do business are vital for the development of today’s graduates. It is the experiences and ideas that these shadowing and internship placements offer young people that will help them shape their career in the future.