Whether it is a HR meeting, a stakeholders meeting, a board meeting or strategy meeting, all businesses will need to document important meetings on occasion. Whether companies decide to record meetings via video or audio recording, email, or by minute taking, depends on the sensitivity of the information conveyed, and the need for consistency across attendees.

Where businesses have a meeting with a legal or sensitive aspect to them, they will usually rely on a minute taker to provide comprehensive notes about that meeting.

What is minute taking?

A minute taker is responsible for recording all relevant notes during meetings – minute taking is the act of recording that information. The information provided will be referred to as “minutes”.

Minutes are not simply a transcript of absolutely everything that was said during the meeting, but rather a document containing a summary of all the main points that meeting attendees discussed and any agreements they came to.

The minutes need to be provided in a way that is easy to read and makes sense to the person the document will be delivered to – who may or may not have been in attendance.

A minute taker’s responsibilities include:

  • Taking meeting notes
  • Understanding the meeting topic
  • Listening carefully
  • Providing properly formatted minutes

Why is minute taking important?

Minute taking is important because it is the only way to get an official written account of everything that happened in a meeting. This makes obvious sense for legal professionals who will often need to receive minutes in a written document rather than a media file such as a video or sound recording.

Video or audio recordings of meetings are also difficult to sift through, if someone is trying to find a specific point of action in the meeting, as they will have to watch or listen to the entire meeting to find the relevant section. In comparison, meeting minutes are properly laid out so that readers can find the information as quickly as possible.

It is important that effective minutes are taken when there is a legal aspect to a meeting so that everyone is agreed on what was said – especially in potentially contentious matters such as disciplinary hearings for employees.

Well-recorded minutes also mean that everyone can know what was agreed in a meeting, whether they were present at the time or not.

Impartial Minute Taking

Hiring a professional minute taker means you have removed all possibility of bias in the minute taking. Employing a member of internal staff to record minutes leaves the business open to bias, whereas a professional minute taker is completely impartial. This is especially important in those before-mentioned contentious meetings.

Where a meeting might affect the company as a whole, employing a professional minute taker means there will be no conflict of interest in the minutes that are delivered to stakeholders.

Industry Experience & Knowledge

By hiring a professional minute taker, businesses remove any concerns that important parts of the meeting will be missed or poorly reflected in the minutes, and can get on with having the meeting itself.

At Global Lingo, we will assign professional minute takers to your business who are already experts in your field, meaning they’ll know exactly what needs to be recorded to ensure success of the meeting and clarity in the minutes.

Professional minute takers are trained in ensuring unwavering levels of attention throughout the span of the meeting, meaning that your minutes will remain consistent from beginning to end.

Save time

Using a professional minute taker will save your company time, something that is especially important when it comes to time-sensitive business-critical meetings.

Professional minute takers take minutes quickly, meaning you will not have to repeat anything during your meeting and are left free to discuss the important decisions for you and your team. They will also provide a quick turnaround time, providing the finished document much faster than an internal non-professional member of your team could.

You will also save time with a professional minute taker when it comes to reading the minutes. By providing a well-formatted document, your leadership team will waste no time in attempting to decipher the notes.

Social Distancing & Safety

While we continue to feel the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, it is important to limit the number of people in attendance at a meeting to only those who absolutely need to be there. This increases the need for minutes to be distributed, as businesses decide to exclude more people from meetings and instead inform them via minutes.

However, the need for minutes to be taken means there is also a need for a minute taker. At Global Lingo, we can provide completely remote minute taking services via a secure connection – meaning you will receive in-depth and clear minutes, without the need for any additional people in the meeting room itself.

Minute Taking at Global Lingo

At Global Lingo, we have consolidated our reputation as an outstanding provider of minute taking services, whether that’s locally or worldwide. Our on-site and remote minute takers can attend a number of meetings across a broad spectrum of industries and countries – we will only ever provide a professional expert in your language and industry from our selection of expert minute takers.

Our expert minute takers receive ongoing training and development, managed by our dedicated in-house linguist management teams, ensuring high-quality work, clear presentation, and completely accurate content.

You can find out more about our expert minute taking services, or get in touch today.