The 20th FIFA World Cup will take place in Brazil next year. Brazil is one of only five countries that has hosted the World Cup twice, the first time being in 1950. The tournament is set to begin on 12th June next year, and will run until 13th July.

32 countries have qualified for the football tournament, and they will play against each other in 12 cities around Brazil. This means that at least 12 cities in Brazil will be buzzing with tourists and media for 32 days next year.

The logo for the 2014 FIFA World Cup was created by a Brazilian agency called Africa. It shows three hands holding up one of the world’s most famous trophies.

For the month in which the championship will take place, Brazil will become one of the most language diverse places in the world. This will result in many opportunities for local businesses. With an increase in people in their cities, all they have to do is make sure that visitors will be able to understand what the local businesses have to offer.

The most targeted businesses will be restaurants, coffee shops and hotels. Considering the amount of tourists inbound for Brazil, the local company owners have to be prepared for the most used languages. This will make Brazilian Portuguese translation very important to the cities hosting the games and those close to them.

However, this edition of the FIFA World Cup is shaping up to be the most controversial one thus far. There are worries that companies will attempt to profit from this event by abusing prices. One such concern is targeted at hotel prices. FIFA appointed a company that will take care of accommodations called MATCH. Some believe that MATCH will implement their own intermediation fees. People are worried that hotel prices will see a steep increase during the event, even 500% more in some cases.

To avoid this, it is best to plan ahead and book now to get the most reasonable prices. Here are the cities that will host the matches for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Football Match Hosts for FIFA 2014 Brazil