We take client satisfaction very seriously. Transcription, translation and interpreting are very subjective services and the final arbiter of quality is always the end-user. If the final communication can’t be understood then we’ve failed.

Huge steps are taken in-house to ensure that defects don’t creep in. This includes our own internal quality-assurance checks on every single project in addition to the checks requested by the client.

We thrive on feedback

Once we deliver completed projects to our clients, we give them a link to a very short questionnaire. They are asked to give their thoughts on the following questions:

  • How would you rate the quality of the services Global Lingo provided to you?
  • Did the customer service match your expectations?
  • Would you recommend Global Lingo’s services?

They are also asked to give any relevant comments.

All these scores are shared with the whole company as soon as they come in; this way, praise as well as problems can be shared.

I’m very pleased to say that we scored an average of 9 out of 10 with clients who completed the form, and every single respondent also said they’d recommend Global Lingo.

Needless to say, we’re delighted

Here are just a few of the comments we’ve received:

Fast turnaround! Always a pleasure to work with.

You delivered the documents much faster than any estimate I received from Canadian companies. I am grateful for all your help and the promptness of your service.

Customer service and care was excellent, just waiting to see what our offices make of the translation quality, but if it is anything near the level of service I’m sure it is perfect.

We are always delighted with the service we receive from Global Lingo: whatever we ask for, they deliver.

The quote was provided promptly and the translation was delivered right on time. The translation was excellent. Couldn’t ask for more!

Great service provided. All on time and wonderfully presented. Thank you.