Global Lingo is very proud to say it is now the supplier of transcription services to the press office of Number 10 Downing Street, as off March 2009. For the last 3 years we have been providing high end and fast transcriptions to both public and private bodies, and it seems now that all our hard work has paid off with this very prestigious client.

Our work for Downing Street has so far involved transcribing Prime Minster Gordon Brown and President Barrack Obama’s press conference prior to the G20 discussions. We have also been involved with Prime Minister Brown’s meetings held with world leaders such as the Brazilian President, and with the NATO talks in Strasbourg.

We provide an extremely quick service, usually sending back the transcriptions within 2-3 hours of receiving the audio, which are then either used internally by the Downing Street Press Office, posted on their website, or distributed out to News Agencies. To see an example of some of our work please visit the Downing Street website. Our transcripts are highly valued due to their speed and accuracy, meaning that very little if any work needs to be done to them once received by the client.

We expect over the next few years to be able to use this highly reputable Government referee to extend our services to many of the civil service departments within the UK. Our other Public Sector clients are amongst others; the House of Lords, Commonwealth Secretariat and the Department for International Development.